Teachers & Performers

The following is a list of Hardanger fiddle teachers, performers and Hardanger fiddle groups (spelemannslag) who are interested in coming into contact with potential students, fellow musicians, workshop and concert organizers, dance groups, and others. The players listed are HFAA members variously experienced in teaching, performing, and playing for dance, among many other things. The list is for public use, with the intention of providing a resource with which to contact players and groups who are interested in sharing their music and their experience. The list is in alphabetical order beginning with the region of our beginnings in the USA, the Midwest.

If you are an HFAA member interested in being included on this list, please contact us at president@hfaa.org. To join the HFAA, visit our Membership page.

Disclaimer: The information in this listing has been volunteered by members of the HFAA. The HFAA has not ranked, endorsed, or otherwise vouched for the information provided. This listing is provided for information only.

Last updated: August 2023


Karin Loberg Code

Kalamazoo, MI

Contact: 269-323-3003, lobergcode (at) gmail (dot) com


Karin Loberg Code is a violin and viola teacher/performer in Kalamazoo. She has studied the Hardanger fiddle for over twenty years and lived in Norway for three years, performing for various dance groups and concerts in Oslo. Also while living in Norway she was a member of several spelemannslags and competed in folk music competitions or kappleiks. In the US, Karin has been on the teaching staff at Nordic Fiddles and Feet, Scandia Camp Mendocino, Springdans Northwest and the HFAA annual workshops. She focuses her efforts on the music and dance of Valdres and Hallingdal, but has also studied styles from other districts in Norway. She gives private and group lessons both in-person and via videoconference.

Eden Ehm

Decorah, IA

Contact: https://www.edenehmmusic.com/contact

Eden Ehm is a professional violin and Hardanger fiddle performer, soloist, and teacher located in the tri-state area of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. She began studying Hardanger fiddle at St. Olaf College and has been playing, learning, and performing the music of all traditions for over a decade. In addition to Hardanger fiddle, Eden is a classically trained violinist and member of several regional symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles. Eden is available to give performances, lectures and demonstrations, and private lessons both in person and online. Check out her website for more information! 

Carlyce Skjervem

Madison, WI

Contact: 608-829-1768 (H), 608-225-0889 (C), cjskjervem (at) gmail (dot) com

Carlyce Skjervem is a professional, classically trained violin, viola, and Hardanger fiddle teacher in the Madison, WI area. She has played with professional symphonies and orchestras for many years. In addition to her teaching studio, she currently performs regularly with the Intermezzo String Quartet and also Ladies of the Fjord (Hardanger fiddle duo). She co-leads and hosts the local Hardanger fiddle group (Fykerud’n Spelemannslag) and has attended the HFAA workshops since 2013, learning authentic tunes from Norwegian teachers. Beginning through intermediate lessons are offered in person or on-line.

Fargo Spelemannslag

Fargo, ND

Contacts: Joan Covington, j (dot) covington (at) me (dot) com, Alison Wallace, wallaceviolin (at) gmail (dot) com

Formed in the summer of 2016 and founded by Maija Lindaas, her mother Alison Wallace, and Joan Covington, the Fargo Spelemannslag seeks to promote traditional Norwegian music and dance throughout the region. We are fortunate to have an experienced master dancer and teacher, Valerie Thompson, among our number, as well as a couple of fiddle makers. We get together regularly for dance parties, so we can fiddle for one another’s dancing, and help one another in private lesson sessions. We meet between the poles of Fargo ND, and Fergus Falls and Perham, MN. Beginners in both fiddle and dance are welcome.

Fykerud'n Spelemannslag

Madison, WI

Contact: Karen Rebholz, k (dot) rebholz (at) sbcglobal (dot) net or Carlyce Skjervem, cjskjervem (at) gmail (dot) com


The Fykerud'n Spelemannslag (named after Lars Fykerud) is a group of Hardanger fiddlers. Practice is every other Thursday from 7 to 9 PM and alternate beginner and advanced sessions. The group performs occasionally in the greater Madison area.

Inna Larsen

Madison, WI

Contact: 608-236-0468, freia66 (at) gmail (dot) com


Inna Larsen has played violin since 1980 and the Hardanger fiddle since 1993, studying with Norwegian and American teachers at the HFAA annual workshop. Her repertoire consists of tunes from all over Norway, and she performs at various Scandinavian events in Madison and Southern Wisconsin. Since 2000, Inna has taught several beginning students the fundamentals of Hardanger fiddle playing and founded Fykerud’n Spelemannslag, a group that meets monthly. Her goal is to have an active Hardanger fiddler presence in the Madison area.

Julane Lund

Mooresville, Indiana

Contact: 317-831-1147, julanelund (at) hotmail (dot) com


Julane Lund has played Norwegian-American fiddle music from her youth, having learned from her grandfather, and she has a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in traditional fiddling from Telemark University College (Rauland campus), in Norway. Julane plays bygdedans from Setesdal and Telemark on the Hardanger fiddle, and she also plays music from various areas of Norway on the conventional violin (many tunes are from Trøndelag). Her expertise is in Norwegian-American old-time fiddling, of which both the conventional fiddle and Hardanger fiddle have been used. Besides fiddling, she often sing songs in Norwegian at concerts. Julane is interested in striking up collaborative musical projects with musicians who play Scandinavian and Scandinavian-American music.

Karen Rebholz

Madison, Wisconsin

Contact: (608) 628-1323, k (dot) rebholz (at) sbcglobal (dot) net


Karen enjoys teaching bygdedans tunes from Telemark and Valdres. She co-directs and hosts biweekly rehearsals of Fykerud’n Spelemannslag and has performed individually and with "Ladies of the Fjord." Karen also makes and repairs Hardanger fiddles.

Twin Cities Hardingfelelag

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Contact: Rachel Jensen, rulvin (at) hotmail (dot) com


The Twin Cities Hardingfelelag was founded by Olav Jørgen Hegge and plays for performances and dancing throughout the Upper Midwest. They meet to practice in various locations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area.


Laurie Hart

Ithaca, NY

Contact: lauriehart(at) mac (dot) com


Laurie Hart teaches Hardanger fiddle and regular fiddle in private lessons and classes, with a focus on Norwegian or Swedish music. She has been on staff, teaching these traditions and playing for dance classes, at the Ashokan Northern Week and the Dance Flurry events in New York. Laurie plays Hardanger fiddle for dancing a variety of Norwegian gammaldans and bygdedans traditions, especially Telemark and Vestland tunes, but some Valdres, Setesdal and Hallingdal tunes as well.

Petra Kirstein

Brooklyn, NY

Contact: petradkirstein (at) gmail (dot) com


Petra Kirstein has been playing the Hardanger fiddle since 2003, and she loves to play for dancing! Petra plays a set each week for the Scandia New York dance in Manhattan. She plays dances from Telemark, Hallingdal and Valdres. Petra also enjoys playing for weddings or any other kind of party.

Dan Trueman

Princeton, NJ

Contact: 609-252-9717, dtrueman (at) princeton (dot) edu


Dan Trueman plays primarily Telemark style and has learned tunes from Hauk Buen, Per Anders Buen Garnås, Vidar Lande, Loretta Kelley, and others. Dan teaches music composition at Princeton University and has taught Hardanger fiddle classes at the HFAA annual workshops.

Toby Weinberg

Syracuse, NY

Contact: 315-478-1790, tobyweinberg (at) hotmail (dot) com

Boston Spelemannslag

Contact: Toby Weinberg, 315-478-1790, tobyweinberg (at) hotmail (dot) com

Hardanger fiddle players meet to practice tunes, learn with guest fiddle teachers from Norway, and occasionally perform. Varying times and locations around greater Boston, Worcester, or Cape Cod.

Vilde Aaslid

Providence, RI

Contact: vaaslid (at) gmail (dot) com

Vilde Aaslid plays tunes mostly from the Vestland and Telemark traditions. She also sings songs from a number of Norwegian districts. Vilde has been on staff as a fiddle instructor and dance fiddler at the HFAA workshops. She enjoys teaching and playing for dances, concerts, weddings, and other events.


Loretta Kelley

Takoma Park, MD (Washington, DC area)

Contact: 301-270-4925, lorettakelley (at) fanitull (dot) org


Loretta Kelley has performed on and taught the Hardanger fiddle for over 30 years in both the US and Norway. Her particular expertise is Telemark springar and gangar, but she plays and teaches all hardingfele traditions. She gives private and group lessons both in-person and via videoconference and plays for dances, weddings, concerts and many other types of events.


Laurel Lawshae

Austin, TX

Contact: 512-294-3821, kingbutler (at) yahoo (dot) com


Laurel Lawshae is a professional violinist. She received the Bernt Balchen Jr. Scholarship in 2010 to study Hardanger fiddle at the HFAA Workshops in WI. She regularly plays Hardanger fiddle for the Austin Scandinavian Dancers. Laurel plays a variety of Norwegian dances on the Hardanger fiddle. She is interested in playing for dancing and other events and connecting with other fiddlers and dancers.

Jeanne Sawyer


Chapel Hill, NC


Contact: 408-890-6102, fiddlerjeanne (at) gmail (dot) com


Jeanne Sawyer especially enjoys playing (and singing) for dance, but is eager for any opportunity to share her love of this music with others. She has been privileged to attend classes and lessons with too many fabulous teachers to name! She primarily plays music from Valdres and Telemark.



Bill Boyd

Seattle, WA

Contact: 206-784-4783, hfele (at) aol (dot) com


Bill began to play hardingfele in 1983, and joined HFAA that year. He plays regularly in the Seattle area for the Seattle Norwegian dance group Leikarringen, for public dances, and for other occasions ranging from weddings to public events. He has had multiple opportunities over the years to learn from Norwegian fiddlers, including at the HFAA sponsored summer meetings. He also plays fiddle and keyboards with the Seattle Scandinavian group Hale Bill and the Bopps (www.myspace.com/halebillandthebopps).

Deb Collins

Lacey, WA

Contact: 360-951-7942, debsterzonie (at) gmail (dot) com


Deb is a professional violin, fiddle, and hardingfele performer and instructor, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwestern corner of the U.S. She has been surrounded by music her entire life, having grown up in a home where her father was a musician. She has played the violin from a tender young age and has taught various bowed stringed instruments, from genres all across the globe, for many years. She was the recipient of the HFAA Bernt Balchen Jr. Hardingfele Scholarship in 2010, and was on staff as the Beginner Mentor for the 2011 HFAA Workshop. She has since worked tirelessly to promote the hardingfele by teaching it to students in her area as well via video lessons. She has given educational presentations at local chapters of both the Daughters and Sons of Norway and also hosted a hardingfele workshop of her own in 2013, in Tacoma, WA.

Martha Levenson

Seattle, WA

Contact: scanfiddles (at) gmail (dot) com

Martha is a long-time Nordic fiddler, with extensive earlier classical training, who began hardingfele studies with an HFAA Adult Student Hardingfele Loan in 2016 after many years of flat folk fiddle. An active performer in the Pacific Northwest, she plays for dancing, at festivals, weddings and other events, including an appearance on "Prairie Home Companion," as well as presents cultural programs about the Hardanger Fiddle. Martha continues to pursue her own hardingfele studies in the US and in Norway. Her teaching, both in her home and by videoconference, focuses on good technique to support clear, danceable and joyous music.

Rachel Nesvig

Seattle, WA

Contact: nesvigr (at) gmail (dot) com


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/nesvigr

Rachel spent 5 years of her childhood living in Stavanger, Norway. She continued on to become the first student at St. Olaf College to receive Distinction in Hardanger Fiddle in 2007. She taught the beginning Hardanger Fiddle course at the HFAA Annual Workshop in 2009. One of Rachel’s current projects is curating her YouTube Channel, which is dedicated solely to Hardanger Fiddle! She also has recorded Hardanger Fiddle for video games, including Minecraft Norse Mythology by Gareth Coker. Composing new fiddle pieces while fusing new and old traditions with Hardanger Fiddle continues to be one of Rachel’s passions.  She also loves to teach Hardanger Fiddle and plays for various dances and events in the Seattle area, specializing in the South Western Norwegian tradition. She gives private and group lessons both in-person and via videoconference.

TinnFelen Hardanger Fiddle Ensemble

Contact: Phil Wilkinson, philipwilkinson (at) yahoo (dot) com

The TinnFelen Hardanger Fiddle Ensemble began in 2003 with two Hardanger fiddles. It has expanded over the years and now may include woodwinds (flute, clarinet, oboe d'amore) and rhythm (guitar, bass). We perform mainly in the Seattle-Tacoma area for the various Skandia dances, Skandia Ball, for Sons and Daughters of Norway, Northwest Folklife, and other Heritage events. On the First Sunday in December we produce an annual Lucia Pageant with real candles, Scandinavian food, and live music by our Hardanger ensemble. We welcome new Hardanger fiddlers (some prior experience on violin or other fiddle styles helpful). Some Hardanger fiddles are available for loan. Our playbook is available to share. Co-managers are Phil Wilkinson and Marissa Essad. Membership in the HFAA is encouraged but not required.


David Boyden

San Francisco, CA

Contact: (650) 291-8919, dboyden1 (at) gmail (dot) com


David Boyden is a violinist and fiddler born and bred in the San Francisco Bay Area. He attended Ruth Asawa School of the Arts, earned a Bachelors of Music in classical violin performance from San Francisco State University, and now works as a freelance musician, composer and educator in San Francisco. In addition to the violin and hardanger fiddle, he regularly plays various sorts of fiddles and other instruments in a wide variety of styles and ensembles (for more information, please inquire within). In regards to the hardanger fiddle, he is primarily known for his work in his band, Kaptain Bottletop, as well as playing for dances in the greater Bay Area.