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Help preserve and participate in the tradition of Hardanger fiddle music in America. We are committed to preserving, promoting and loving this precious heritage of traditional Norwegian music and dance. Membership is open to anyone. All are welcome — whether musician, dancer, scholar, teacher, avid listener, or Norwegian cultural enthusiast.

Membership Benefits

    • Our quarterly journal, Sound Post, which is filled with useful information about events, people, and music

    • A discount when ordering merchandise, including strings, recordings, videos, and sheet music

    • Access to exclusive educational materials on our members-only website

Membership Dues / Renewal (with PayPal options)

Dues are for one year from the date of entry on the HFAA Membership Database. Individuals and families may join here and renew using the easy PayPal option which will accept credit and debit cards. For Institutional membership, please download a paper membership application (see below) and send in by mail.

Individual within the USA - US $30 / year

One year - $30

Two years - $60

Three years - $90

Individual outside the USA - US $40 / year

Family within the USA - US $35 / year

One year - $35

Two years - $70

Three years - $105

Family outside the USA - US $45 / year

Institutional within the USA (organizations, libraries, and businesses) - US $35 / year

OR, order using the paper application below

Institutional outside the USA (organizations, libraries, and businesses) - US $45 / year

OR, order using the paper application below

Note that all payments from outside of the US must be paid in US dollars.

Note: The HFAA sends members only one renewal request by e-mail or, for those without e-mail addresses, a postcard. Please respond promptly so you don't miss an issue of the Sound Post. In addition, we include the date for renewal on The Sound Post mailing label in the upper left-hand corner.

Paper-Based Membership Payment / Renewals

If you choose to send a check to join HFAA or renew your membership, please send these to:

HFAA Membership

P.O. Box 23046

Minneapolis, MN 55423-0046 USA

Be sure to include the following information:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Telephone number

  • E-mail address

This ensures that you will be correctly entered in our database and easily contacted, if necessary.

A downloadable membership application is available. To download, click the Download button below. Membership inquiries can also be sent to

HFAA Membership Application (PDF, 24K)


The HFAA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in Minnesota. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. To donate through PayPal, visit our Donations page. Checks can be mailed to us at: HFAA, P.O. Box 23046, Minneapolis, MN 55423-0046.

HFAA Membership Database

Members should be aware that the HFAA does not supply personal information (names, addresses, etc.) about members to non-members or to mailing lists.

In turn, HFAA members are asked not to supply this information to others (for instance, by providing someone with an HFAA membership directory, or workshop attendance list), but should forward all requests to the HFAA membership manager or to the board of directors (see our Contact Us page).

Information that related organizations may wish to distribute to our members can usually be accommodated through articles, notices, and event listings in the Sound Post.

On occasion, HFAA members contact us for the names and addresses of members in their geographical area or musical area of interest. These requests have usually been for the purposes of forming fiddle/dance groups or demonstration/performance opportunities. We consider these on a case by case basis.

When we are contacted by outside parties for performance venues, we do our best to connect these people with knowledgeable HFAA members in their area.

Membership Brochure

The HFAA Membership Brochure provides a colorful description of the history and lore surrounding the Hardanger fiddle and the HFAA's role in promoting its music and dance in America. It also includes a membership application. The HFAA distributes the brochures at music, dance, and cultural events throughout America. To obtain a copy, download one of the printer-ready versions below. It may help to view our printing and folding instructions below. We encourage friends and members of HFAA to pass along copies to other individuals who may have an interest in helping preserve Norwegian traditional arts and culture.

HFAA Membership Brochure, high-resolution, full-color (7.7 MB)

HFAA Membership Brochure, high-resolution, black/white (5.5 MB)

HFAA Membership Brochure, low-resolution, full-color (2 MB)

Folding instructions