Hardingfele Loans (Adult)

The HFAA is offering the loan of twelve Hardanger fiddles, the "Iversen", the "Poast", the "1904", the "Lion", the "Løve", the "Wulffenstejn", the "Nielsen XX", the "Sandvik", and "Ada", "Anna", "Aaste", and "Guri", for a one-year period to promising adult or teen/older child students of Norwegian traditional fiddling who are residents of the United States. The Adult Student Hardingfele Loan Committee is now accepting applications for the loan period beginning July 1 and ending June 15. Applicants should have previous bowed stringed instrument playing experience, and are required as a condition of the loan to take regularly scheduled lessons with a hardingfele teacher, either in person or via videoconference (Zoom, Facetime or similar).

ELECTRONIC-ONLY SUBMISSION OF APPLICATIONS FOR 2022: Starting in 2022, applications for the Adult Student Hardingfele Loan program should be submitted by email only, with certain exceptions; see the application form for more information.

NOTE NEW EARLIER DEADLINE: The application deadline is 11:59 pm (local time) on June 1. For more information please contact adultstudent@hfaa.org or president@hfaa.org.

Poast Hardanger fiddle


Iversen Hardanger fiddle


1904 Hardanger fiddle


Lion Hardanger fiddle


Wulffenstejn Hardanger fiddle


Løve Hardanger fiddle


Aaste, Ada, Anna, Guri Hardanger fiddles

"Aaste", "Ada", "Anna", "Guri"

Nielsen XX Hardanger fiddle

"Nielsen XX"

Sandvik Hardanger fiddle