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Catherine Struse Springer, Editor

Sound Post is a 36-page quarterly journal devoted to the music, dance, and construction of the Norwegian hardingfele (Hardanger fiddle), published by the Hardanger Fiddle Association of America for its members. Sound Post is an invaluable resource for those interested in this unique instrument, and is the only regular resource of its kind in the English language. Beginning fiddlers find Sound Post invaluable, as it contains information about playing techniques, instrument upkeep, and a calendar of upcoming workshops. Of course there is the tune insert within each issue, featuring a traditional slått (tune) for the hardingfele. More advanced fiddlers can read interviews with master fiddlers from Norway, in-depth articles on the history and traditions of the instrument, and reviews of new recordings and materials. We offer a regular column, Luthier's Corner, to assist eager hardingfele builders and players.

In addition to practical information for the musician, Sound Post contains interesting features on hardingfele music and dance culture, history, Norwegian-American heritage, reviews of workshops and Scandinavian events, and book reviews. We often include translations of important materials from Norway.

The editor is committed to providing a tool for Norwegian music and dance enthusiasts to feel connected to this vast and growing community. Through reviews of events, an annual listing of dance and fiddle groups and contacts, Sound Post provides a link to others around the country and Canada with similar interests.

Recent issues have included A Guide to Tunings on the Hardingfele (the most complete list in English), a detailed explanation of ancient Norwegian wedding traditions and music, guidelines for Norwegian kappleiks (competitions), overviews of Hallingdal and Valdres valley fiddling styles, and a history of one of Norway's most influential fiddlers, Lars Fykerud.

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Subscriptions to Sound Post are available exclusively through membership in the HFAA, which is open to anyone interested in traditional Norwegian folk music and dance. To join the HFAA, visit our membership page.

Back Issues and Reprints

Back issues of Sound Post can be ordered on the HFAA's merchandise order form downloadable here. Reprints of articles may be made with the permission of the Sound Post editor and the article's author.


Most articles are voluntary submissions by HFAA members and all design, layout, and printing is done by the Sound Post Editor. Unsolicited articles are welcome for publication. Sound Post cannot pay for materials sent. Upon request, submitted materials will be returned after use. Notices, stories, articles, letters and photographs must arrive five weeks prior to the month of publication (January, April, July, and October). Submissions can be sent by email to the Sound Post Editor.