Welcome to Minnesota! Concert


Wednesday, July 23, 6:30 pm - Urness Hall, St. Olaf College


Welcome To Minnesota!

Narrated by Carol Ann Sersland and Karen Solgård

Opening Processional

Twin Cities Hardingfelelag and Lars Skjervheim Hardingfelelag


Annamarie Pluhar, HFAA president and AmeriKappleik chair

Setesdal in Minnesota, in Memory of Eivind and Daniel Aakhus and Pioneer Spelemenn

Vidar Lande, Hardanger fiddle

Lullabies and Hymns Express the Faith and Hope of Immigrants

Mary Klockeman, singer (kvedar)

Valdres in Minnesota, in Memory of Thor Quale and Randi Johansen

Mary and Olav Jørgen Hegge, Valdresspringar; Bernt Balchen, Hardanger fiddle

Presentation to Bernt Balchen

Old Time Music Shared by Immigrant Communities, in Tribute to Elmo Wick

Mary Abendroth, pump organ and singer; Paul Wilson, fiddle and accordion; Char Bostrom, fiddle

Telemark Dance in Minnesota, in Memory of Harold K. Sersland

Carol Sersland, Margit Nellis, Bruce Bostrom, Tremannsspringar; Karen Solgård, Hardanger fiddle

Telemark Music in Minnesota, in Memory of Anund Roheim

Torgeir Straand, Hardanger fiddle

Minnesota Leikarring, in Tribute to Hilda Kringstad and the Norrona Leikarring

Det Norske Folkedanslaget

Lagspel Re-energized in Minnesota

Twin Cities Hardingfelelag

Hardingfele at St. Olaf College: In Tribute to Amy Narvestad and in Memory of Carl Narvestad

Andrea Een, Hardanger fiddle; Lars Skjervheim Hardingfelelag; St. Olaf Hardanger fiddle alumni

Presentation from the Valdres Samband

Amy Narvestad and David Kringstad, presenters

Allspel and Allsang: Hils fra Meg der Hjemme (Greet them all back home) Everyone!

I den stille tause natt

Står jeg her ved skipets ratt,

under himmelens stjernevell,

Ene og forlatt.

Under himmelens høye tak

Høres fjerne vingeslag,

Fugletrekket atter gar

Mot nord, mot lyse vår.

Hils fra meg der hjemme,

Hils min far og mor,

Hils de grønne lier

Og den blanke fjord

Hvis jeg hadde vinger

Fløy jeg hjem med deg

Til de lyse netter,

Hils dem! Hils fra meg!

On the deck I stand at night,

When the stars above are bright,

Far away from friends and home,

Lonely here I roam.

Swallows on their wings so high,

Now in spring they homeward fly,

To the land where sunlight beams

In to my childhood dreams.

Greet my dear old mother,

Greet my father too,

And my little brother

When he welcomes you.

If I had wings to follow,

Happy would I be.

Dearest little swallow,

Greet them all from me!

Closing Processional

Twin Cities Hardingfelelag and Lars Skjervheim Hardingfelelag