Other Instrument Workshops

Workshop in kveding (Norwegian traditional singing) with Olav Sem (Telemark)

Olav Sem is not only a master dancer but also a superb traditional singer. He is especially known for his mastery of slåttestev, short songs in springar rhythm, and "tralling," rhythmic singing that can be used to accompany dancing. Olav taught on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, plus a short review session on Sunday.

Workshops in munnharpe (Norwegian jaw harp) and seljefløyte (Norwegian willow flute), with Hallgrim Berg (Hallingdal)

Hallgrim Berg with munnharpe

Hallgrim Berg is not only a prizewinning traditional dancer but also an expert munnharpe and seljefløyte player. He taught munnharpe at the beginning and advanced level and seljefløyte at the advanced level on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. An auxiliary workshop for beginning seljefløyte students will also be offered, taught by Toby Weinberg. Munnharpe was taught using instruments tuned in F. Hallgrim had munnharper and seljefløyter for loan and for sale. 

Workshop in torader (Norwegian two-row accordion), with John Berquist

John Berquist playing torader

John Berquist, of Minnesota and Chicago, has performed and studied Scandinavian folk music and traditions in the Upper Midwest for the last twenty-five years. He is a singer and performer on the two-row accordion (torader), guitar, and mandolin. John has presented concerts and programs throughout the US, including Minnesota Folk, Chicago Folk Festival, Ironworld, and Prairie Home Companion, and Artist in the Schools Residencies in eight states. He has been a consultant for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and for Skogfjorden Norwegian Language Camp. 

Workshop in Norwegian regular fiddle, with Jan Frostvoll (Røros) and Sarah Kirton (US)

Jan Frostvoll with members of Småviltlaget

Jan Frostvoll is one of the brightest stars of traditional Norwegian regular fiddle playing. He is best known as a member of the group Småviltlaget from Røros, one of Norway's most popular folk music bands, winner of the Titano Festival last summer and a two-time winner of the national championship for folk music groups. He is also a member of the Glåmos Spellmannslag folk music group and the group WHF with Tron Westberg and Magne Haugom, both among the top ranks of prizewinning groups in Norway. Jan taught a full-time class in Røros traditional fiddling at AmeriKappleik in addition to performing. 

Sarah Kirton plays both Swedish and Norwegian traditions (on regular violin) and Norwegian hardingfele traditions (Valdres and Telemark). She has been playing Scandinavian music since the early 1980s and has studied both here and in Norway. She spent a year and a half studying with Olav Jørgen Hegge in Valdres in rural Norway in the late 90's. She's a member of Nattergal, a group that plays Scandinavian music, and is a founding member of the Northern California Spelmanslag.