AmerikaSlåttar Concert

AmerikaSlåttar - A Program of New Music for Hardanger Fiddle

Friday, July 25, 2003, 6:30 pm- Urness Hall, St. Olaf College


Springar på Nedstilt and Stor Pacifica

composed and performed by Toby Weinberg


by Jennifer Fitzgerald, performed by Dan Trueman

Song and Dance

by Emily Doolittle, performed by Dan Trueman

Klezmer Polska and Blues for Hardingfele

by Seth Austen, performed by Dan Trueman

Kong Olavs Minne

composed and performed by Loretta Kelley

Waltz of the Hardanger Fiddles and Mendocino Wedding March

by Leonard Ellis, performed by Loretta Kelley and Bruce Emery

Helsing til Minot

by Even Tråen, performed by Loretta Kelley


by David Loeb, performed by Andrea Een

Lutefisk's Revenge

by Lee Aronson, performed by Andrea Een

Carl Narvestad's Minne

composed and performed by Andrea Een

Art's Springar

composed and performed by Bill Boyd


composed and performed by Trollstilt

Bruremarsj til RhondaLee and Plink-plonk Reinlender

composed by David Code,

performed by Karin Loberg Code, Tove Hansen, David Loberg Code, and Linda Casperson-Andresen

The Long Journey

composed by Jeff Larsen, performed by Jeff and Inna Larsen

Summer Moonlight and Fjellmannjenta Gangar

composed/arranged by Karen Solgård, performed by Karen Solgård and Carol Sersland


All compositions copyright © the composer.

All recordings copyright © 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 HFAA.