2017 Hardanger Fiddle Music and Dance Workshop

July 20-23, 2017

Folklore Village, Dodgeville, WI

Featuring the traditional music and dance of Hallingdal, Norway

The HFAA's Annual Workshop offers a very special opportunity for getting to know Norwegian Hardanger fiddle music and dance traditions in depth. We are dedicated to both nurturing beginners and providing challenges for the more advanced. We invite you to come and join us in an environment that has been called "the warmest and most supportive in North America."

The Hardanger fiddle music from Hallingdal is highly ornamented and very playful. The musicians in this deep valley created tunes influenced by the neighboring districts of Telemark, Valdres and Numedal. The tunes have an ecstatic, commanding quality that beckons fiddlers to their cases and dancers to their feet. The hallingspringar dance has elements to please all kinds of dancers: fast spins, elegant slow twirls, waltz-like sections and couple turns. There are opportunities for those dancing the lead part to show off acrobatic moves or.....stylishly abstain. The 3-beat springar rhythm is more even in Hallingdal than in other hardingfele traditions, with a lilting, almost playful feel. The music has a bubbly, driving energy just under the surface, waiting for the dancer to take it to its full potential. This exciting dance is very accessible to the first-time learner and is captivating to all levels of musicians and dancers.

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