Books and Instruction Manuals

The HFAA offers hard-to-find books about the fiddle tradition, famous fiddlers, and transcriptions of tunes for the Hardanger fiddle. We also have Hardanger fiddle instruction manuals.

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To Be Nothing - Conversations with Knut Hamre, Hardanger Fiddle Master by Benedicte Maurseth. Terra Nova Press, 2019. 245 pp., photos and text. In English. Foreword by Jon Fosse, Translated by Bruce Thomson.

Dialogues between student and master about music, learning, teaching, the healing power of art, and the art of life itself. Member price: $18 / Non-members: $20 [M028].

The Hardanger Fiddle - The Art of Luthery in Telemark Norway by Kjell Chr. Midtgaard. Scordatura Forlag, 2018. 208 pp., hardcover, extensive photos and text. This book is the first published in English on Norwegian Hardanger fiddle building. The book discusses the Helland family of fiddle makers in Telemark as well as earlier makers and others who were influenced by the Hellands. Member price: $40 / Nonmembers: $48 [M029].

Mellom vener: Slåttar av Lars Skjervheim (Among Friends: Tunes by Lars Skjervheim). Spelarhaugen Folkemusikk, 1988.

Booklet containing transcriptions for 21 vals, reinlender, springar, and rull tunes all composed by Lars Skjervheim (1915-2003) from Vossestrand in Western Norway. The accompanying cassette (not currently available) features Skjervheim and friends performing tunes from the booklet. Member price: $14 / Nonmembers: $17 [M005].

A History of the Hardanger Fiddle Association of America (1983 - 1993), by Carl T. Narvestad, 1994. 

A 64-page account of the first 10 years of the organization. Includes the beginnings of the association and past annual meeting information. Some photos included. Member price: $5 / Non-members: $7 [M011].

Anund Roheim Commemorative Issue of Telesoga, the publication of Telelaget of America

Special issue commemorating the great Norwegian-American hardingfele player Anund Roheim, of Black Eagle, Montana/Bø, Telemark. Contains articles about his life and music. Members: $3 / Non-members: $3.50 [M015].

What your Violin Shop Needs to Know About Hardanger Fiddles, by Lynn R. Berg, 2010.

Basic overview of Hardanger fiddle maintenance and set up including reshafting of original pegs, string and neck length, and fingerboard maintenance, and information about strings, tail gut, bass bar, and bridge.  Softcover, 16 pp.  Members $11 / Non-members $13  [M025] Currently out of stock.

Instruction Manuals (with accompanying CDs)

Bernt Balchen Jr.’s home study course is especially recommended for the beginning player. The three manuals, with their accompanying CDs, present basic information about the hardingfele.

Bernt Balchen’s Course for Beginners in Hardanger Fiddle

Manual (35 pages) and CD. Contains transcriptions of 20 tunes, both gammeldans (waltz, reinlender, etc.) and bygdedans (springar, gangar, etc.) from various districts, a chapter on note reading, practice hints, and a diagram for stringing the instrument. The CD contains Balchen’s performance of the tunes from the manual plus verbal comments. Includes waltz, springar, wedding march, vossarull, halling, mazurka and pols. Member price: $12.50 / Non-members: $15.50 [M002].

More from Bernt Balchen, Jr. (Two-in-One Manual)

Manual (35 pages) and CD. Contains two sections: “Introduction to Fiddle Maintenance and Playing Technique,” 23 pages of discussion on the physics and characteristics of the hardingfele, maintenance, and playing technique, plus photographs and diagrams; and “Popular Tunes for the Hardingfele,” transcriptions of 10 well-known gammeldans and bygdedans tunes (Urheimen, Hølje Plassen, Bruremarsj fra Seljord, etc.) from various districts. The CD contains Balchen’s performances of the tunes. Member price: $12.50 / Non-members: $15.50 [M003].

13 More Popular Tunes for the Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle

Manual (15 pages) and CD. Transcriptions of 13 gammeldans and bygdedans tunes from various districts, plus information about the tunes and ornamentation. The CD contains performances of the tunes by Balchen and various other fiddlers, plus Balchen’s extensive comments on the special characteristics of hardingfele music and information about the individual tunes on the CD. Member price: $10 / Non-members: $12.50 [M004].