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Young Student Hardingfele Loan

The 1/2-size hardingfele and one of three 3/4-size hardingfeler made by Lynn Berg, available for loan
Young Student Hardingfele Loan Program

Lynn Berg, hardingfele maker, long-time HFAA member and former Board member from Eugene, Oregon, has built one 1/2-size hardingfele and three 3/4-size hardingfeler, beautifully decorated and identical in all respects to full-size hardingfeles. Now Lynn and the HFAA have worked together to create the Young Student Hardingfele Loan Program. This program, administered by the HFAA, is offering these instruments on a loan basis to students of violin or other musical instrument who are between about 7 and 12 years of age* and who are residents of the United States. The student is required to have a mentor, which is either a parent, music teacher or other adult living nearby, who agrees to provide regular instruction and guidance to the student during the 1-year loan period.

The application form, submittal instructions, and the complete rules and conditions for the Young Student Hardingfele Loan Program may be downloaded by clicking the button below. Applications may be submitted either via regular mail and postmarked by the deadline, or via email to youngstudent@hfaa.org and received by the deadline. The deadline to apply is November 15 of the year prior to the loan year. For more information please write to youngstudent@hfaa.org or president@hfaa.org.

https://sites.google.com/a/hfaa.org/hfaa-test/Home/pdfs-archive/HFAA_Young_Student_Hardingfele_Loan_Program_Rules_and_Application_Form.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1Rules and Application Form, Young Student Hardingfele Loan Program (PDF, 134KB)

See our history of Young Student Hardingfele Loan Program awardees .

*Note: Child age range is just a guideline. To determine which size instrument is appropriate for your child, measure from the center of the child's neck (under the chin) down the left arm to the middle of the palm. A 1/2 size fiddle is suitable for a child with a measurement of between about 19-1/2 inches up to about 21-1/2 inches. A 3/4 size fiddle is suitable for a child with a measurement of between 21 inches and 22-1/2 inches. If in doubt consult a violin teacher or a music store that sells or rents violins.