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HFAA Trading Post

The Trading Post is a service available to HFAA members who wish to post information for buying or selling personal, non-commercial items related to Hardanger fiddle music and culture.

  • You have to be an HFAA member to post an item or a request. If you are not a member and would like to post an item, visit our Membership page for information on how to join the HFAA.
  • Only non-commercial listings can be accepted. Listings from businesses cannot be accepted.
  • Anyone is encouraged to respond to the offers below  - you do not need to be a member to reply

To post listings, send a short paragraph by e-mail to webeditor@hfaa.org, with details of each specific item, including price and seller/buyer contact information. As a general guideline, to ensure non-commercial use of our service, we request that members not post more than three items at a time or more than six items per year.

Current Listings