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Hardanger Fiddle Strings

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The strings we offer are the well-known Fanitullen brand from Norway. Upper strings are available in 10.5, 11, and 11.5 weights. Understrings are available in 22, 24, and 26 weights.


10.5 loose wound D strings, 10.5 close wound D strings, and 10.5 G strings are backordered.

Loop end steel A strings have just been added to our stock on April 11, 2019.  We will redesign the order form, but in the meantime please indicate your preference for the loop or ball end As when you order.  (All other strings in inventory are loop end.)

What string weight should I order? For the upper strings, most Hardanger fiddles sound best with size 10.5. If you try 10.5 and feel that the sound is a little weak or shaky, then move up to 11.0. If you keep your fiddle tuned low (in B-flat or A), then you may want to try 11.5. We do not recommend using 11.5 strings for most normally-tuned fiddles (B or higher). For the understrings, most Hardanger fiddles sound best with 22. If the understring sound is very weak you may want to try 24. Some people like to use 22 for the higher understrings and 24 or 26 for the lower ones.

Member Price
Non-Member Price
"E" kvint (chromesteel)
"A" kvart (steel)
"A" kvart (gut)
"D" ters (loose-wound silver on gut core)
"D" ters (close-wound aluminum on gut core)
"G" bass (silver on gut core)
(set of 5)

To order, download and print the order form. Please indicate the weight of the strings you are ordering and send your check or money order by postal mail to the address on the order form. To join the HFAA and order items at the lowest possible prices, visit our membership page! If you have further questions, please send e-mail to treasurer@hfaa.org.