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AmeriKappleik Live! CD

AmeriKappleik Live!
is a 2-CD set of live performances recorded at AmeriKappleik and the Stoughton Concert in July 2003, including Norwegian musicians and dancers Bernt Balchen, Jr., Hallgrim Berg, Hauk Buen, Jan Frostvoll, Vidar Lande, Leif Rygg, Olav Sem, and Torgeir Straand. American musicians featured on the album include The Harding Quartet, Andrea Een, Loretta Kelley, Toby Weinberg, Trollstilt, and others!

Disk Two contains 2 Bonus perfomance dance videos: Telespringar and Halling!

AmeriKappleik was the largest celebration of Norwegian folk music and dance ever assembled in North America, held in Northfield, Minnesota. It celebrated the diverse musical and cultural traditions in both Norwegian and Norwegian-American communities that have evolved since Norwegian immigration to America began over a century ago. The CD set includes performances from the five days of AmeriKappleik, as well as the opening concert in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Price, $20.

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AmeriKappleik Live! CD (USA)
AmeriKappleik Live! CD (Canada)

Recording Tracks

Disk One (56:48)
Disk Two (42:57)
1. America the Beautiful/Fykeruds farvel til Amerika 1. Lengt
2. Filleveren 2. Goat Standing in the Meadow
3. History 3. Syndebukken
4. Markensmondagen 4. Introduction
5. Blues for Hardingfele 5. Duft
6. Storeslåtten 6. Mendocino Wedding March
7. Square Dance Tunes 7. Story
8. Minnesota Gangar 8. Månekåsen
9. Stor Pacifica 9. Carl Narvestads minne
10. Farande fant 10. Asgjerfolen
11. Soteroen 11. Blindeguten
12. Sulhusgubbens drøm 12. Duncan
13. Bruremarsj til Rhonda Lee 13. Plink plonk reinlender
14. Introduction 14. So sullar ho mor
15. Ungdomsminne og heimlengt 15. Introduction
16. Vårlengt 16. Signe
17. Pocket 17. Fykeruds farvel til Amerika
18. Archie's Polka  
19. Heddenesen Dance performance videos:
20. Rekveen 1. Telespringar (4:56)
21. Morning Awakening in Northfield 2. Halling (6:47)
22. Sprekkleggen, Springar på ljosblått etter Ola Bøe  
23. Rosa  


Technical note on video files: Requires PC or Mac with 800 MHz or faster processor and QuickTime version 6.0 or greater.