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How to Reach Us

Please feel free to contact any of the following with any questions you may have related to the HFAA and/or Norwegian folk music and dance traditions. For general information questions, send us email at Or you can contact us by regular mail or by telephone at:

HFAAP.O. Box 23046Minneapolis, MN 55423-0046 USA612-568-7448

You may communicate with the HFAA and with other HFAA fans by joining our Facebook group, click here to join.


The following members of the HFAA are volunteers who further the efforts of the organization. (Updated as of July, 2021.)

Membership: Ross Schipper (Queensland, Australia) -

Merchandise: Karen Rebholz (Wisconsin) -

Sound Post: Catherine Springer (New Jersey) -

Web Content Editor: Karin Code (Michigan) -

2021-2022 Adult Student Hardingfele Loan Committee: Rex Couture (Missouri), Patrice George (New York), Bevan Wulfenstein (Utah); David Boyden (alternate) (California) -

2021-2022 Audit Committee: Lane Foster Harrell (Texas), Steven Petersen (Minnesota) -

2021-2022 Balchen/Hegge/Skjervheim Hardingfele Scholarship Committee: Georgia Beatty (New York), Maggie Gerty (Minnesota), Jonathan Een Newton (District of Columbia) -

2021-2022 Harold K. Sersland Young Dancer Scholarship Committee: Rex Couture (Missouri), Harriet Gerber (Maryland), Greg Winz (Wisconsin) -

2021-2022 Nominating Committee: Maggie Gerty (Minnesota), Karen Odden (Minnesota), Carol Sersland (Minnesota)

2021-2022 Workshop Committee Chair: Catherine Springer (New Jersey) (phone 612-568-7448) -

2021-2022 Young Student Hardingfele Loan Committee: David Boyden (California), Maggie Gerty (Minnesota), Kathleen Thomson (New York) -

Board of Directors

The following members of the HFAA have been elected to serve as officers and as members of the Board of Directors for the current term. Officers are elected to one-year terms and may be elected multiple times. Board members are elected to three-year terms and may be elected multiple times. Terms run from July to July. (Updated as of July, 2021.)

President, 2021-2022: Loretta Kelley (Maryland) -

Vice President, 2021-2022: Vilde Aaslid (Rhode Island) -

Secretary, 2021-2022: Eden Ehm (Iowa) -

Treasurer, 2021-2022: Arna Desser (Oslo, Norway) -

Board Member, 2019-2022: Barbara Kringstad (Rhode Island) - bkringstad at hotmail dot com

Board Member, 2019-2022: Bevan Wulfenstein (Utah) - bevan at hardingfele dot com

Board Member, 2020-2023: David Boyden (California) - dboyden1 at gmail dot com

Board Member, 2020-2023: Steven Petersen (Minnesota) - pete5315 at gmail dot com

Board Member, 2021-2024: Kitty Kagay (Massachusetts) - kagay dot hfaa at yahoo dot com

Board Member, 2021-2024: Jennifer Turbes (Vermont) - jennifer at jeturbes dot com