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Samspel Tune Book

Members can download the latest version of the HFAA Samspel Tune book, a collection of our 40 popular tunes used for group jam sessions at our annual workshops.  These transcriptions are intended as guidelines for personal use only.  Hardingfele music is an aural tradition, so what you see on the page isn't necessarily exactly how it is played by every fiddler. Various members donated their time help with submissions to this book.  There will be variations in notational style. Recordings for these tunes are not provided on this website (although many could be found elsewhere on the internet.)  

If you are an HFAA Member, you may write to the Hardingfele Instruction Coordinator at fiddle_coord@hfaa.org to request the password. 
Karin Code,
Sep 5, 2014, 8:18 PM