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Learn To Play

Fiddler and teacher, Sarah Nagell, has written a series of articles on learning the hardingfele for Sound Post which we have reprinted here.  The articles first appeared in Vols. 24 and 25 under the title "Sarah's Tips". HFAA thanks Sarah for her permission to use these informative guides. Additionally, Loretta Kelley has provided an article on changing strings from Sound Post Vol. 29 No. 1.

Tuning your fiddle

Tune Transcription
Hardanger fiddle tunes are traditionally learned and taught by ear as explained in the above articles. However, in order to give eager fiddlers a chance to begin to learn a relatively simple fiddle tune, a transcription is attached below as a pdf.   It is a bridal march from Vang (in the Valdres region and tradition) reprinted with permission by Bernt Balchen from his book "Bernt Balchen’s Course for Beginners in Hardanger Fiddle" available from our merchandise sales.  Students are encouraged to listen to the tune as well to acquire style. The recording below is of Norwegian-Canadian Laura Ellestad. Please keep in mind that the transcription is an approximation of a living musical tradition, so not every nuance or note will necessarily be the same.

Bruremarsj frå Vang

download Bruremarsj fraa Vang.mp3