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Directions and Ride Sharing


Click here for driving directions and maps. Closest airports are Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago.

There is a bus that can be taken from Chicago airports that goes to Madison on a regular basis. There are also now buses from many major U.S. cities to Madison: http://us.megabus.com/.

Ride Sharing

This space is offered to post rides offered and rides wanted to the HFAA Annual Workshop. These can be long distance (Washington, D.C. to Folklore Village, for example) or short (Madison airport to Folklore Village). Most people arrive on Thursday and leave on Sunday, though rides might be possible on the other days of the workshop. To have your offer/request posted, please email us at rides@hfaa.org, telling us where and when the ride is offered/requested. We will post these on the site, with e-mail addresses spelled out. Notice that you will have to put in the proper @ sign where we have simply written "(at)"  and a "." where we have written (dot). This will help protect our listers from receiving spam. If you see something that works for you, please contact that person directly. PLEASE, let us know when your space/need is filled so we can take you off the board.

We hope that this method will enable you to attend the HFAA Annual Workshop or help others come to the Workshop.

See you there!

Rides Offered
Rides Needed
Ride offered from Decorah, Thurs AM returning Sunday PM.  Contact edenehm at (gmail) then dot com.

Ride offered from Minneapolis, Thursday returning Sunday PM.  Contact liesejs at (prodigy) then dot net.

-Contact rides@hfaa.org with additional questions and info -
Ride needed from Chicago O'Hare Airport Thursday, returning before Tuesday.  Times are very flexible.  Contact dashagilmore at (gmail) then dot com.

-Contact rides@hfaa.org with additional questions and info -