2019 Workshop Registration

To register for the Workshop, download the registration form by clicking the Download button below. Complete the form and send it with a check to the mailing address on the form. See the section on fees below. Register by June 20 to avoid a late fee; July 3 is the final registration deadline (individual exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis).

https://docs.google.com/a/hfaa.org/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=aGZhYS5vcmd8aGZhYS10ZXN0fGd4OjU1NGE0MTY4MmMzZWY4MWU   Download the 2019 Workshop Registration Form (PDF)

If you are applying for a Balchen-Hegge hardingfele scholarship or the Harold K. Sersland Young Dancer scholarship, please note that scholarship applicants do not need to send in a Workshop Registration Form until after scholarships have been awarded. Deadline to apply is April 15th.

To apply for a work scholarship, see our Scholarships page and contact workshopchair@hfaa.org by May 1. Successful applicants will be notified by May 30; you must send a completed registration form and check by the June 20 registration deadline to guarantee your position.

Fees (HFAA member prices; non-members pay $20 surcharge, OR, to become a member, see below)

Borrowing a hardingfele: there is a fee of $20 to borrow an instrument; deadline to sign up for a loan is June 20 (see the Registration Form).

Transcriptions of the tunes to be taught at the workshop will be available free of charge as a downloadable PDF. If you would instead like to receive a printed/paper copy at the workshop, you must request one on your registration form by June 20; a fee of $5 applies. The paper copy will be at the registration desk when you arrive. The electronic copy will be available for downloading from the HFAA Members private website by Monday, July 15. You will also be able to download the file on your wifi-equipped device via the wifi network at Folklore Village during the workshop (but no printing facilities are available at FLV).

Housing costs not included; see the Registration Form

Attendance Plan

Note 1: Workshop begins at 1 PM Thursday and ends after lunch on Sunday
Note 2: Fees for Plans A-E are for HFAA members; non-members pay $20 surcharge
Teen (13-18) or Companion*
Plan AThursday afternoon – Sunday (9 meals: Thurs. dinner - Sun. lunch)
Plan BFriday through Sunday (8 meals: Fri. breakfast – Sun. lunch)
Plan CSaturday through Sunday (5 meals: Sat. breakfast – Sun. lunch)
Plan DSaturday only (3 meals, classes, concert and dance party)
Plan EClasses only, per day cost (no meals or evening events) Note: Registration in advance is strongly recommended. Only if space is available may some day-at-a-time walk-ins be allowed; late fees will be charged.
$85 per day
    n/a **
n/a **
Plan FFull Saturday evening (includes dinner, concert and dance)
Teen $35
Evening dance parties & concerts: No reservation needed. Please pay at door.
$20 per evening
$8 per evening
$20 per evening
Late Registration (fee to be added if Registration Form is postmarked after June 22)
     For plans A, B, and C
     For plans D, E, and F
Hardingfele borrowing fee
 $20 $20 Teen $20
Workshop Tunebook - fee for paper copy (no fee to download the pdf) $5 $5 $5
Workshop DVD – price incl. postage is $25/copy ($30 if ordered later) $27 $27 $27
Non-member surcharge (includes family of those with individual memberships)***
 $20 -- $20

* Companion option is designed for an individual accompanying a workshop attendee as an observer.

** Children or teens participating only in classes pay the adult fee of $85 per day.

*** You may upgrade from Individual to Family Membership for $5 to avoid the non-member surcharge for family members age 13 and older attending with you. 

Become a Member! Take advantage of the member workshop price plus all the other benefits of membership. You can join here, or enclose your membership fee together with your registration.